Wave Hawaii Ponchino Flow


Surfers bamboo in size  L. So fluffy and warm.



Wave Hawaii

WAVE HAWAII Ponchino Flow is a classy ponchoSurfers bamboo poncho is MUST HAVE for every surfer.

The only one poncho in size L


Composition: 70% viscose (bamboo) and 30% cotton (Öko Tex Standard 100 certificate)..

Dimensions: 103 x 80 cm (wys. X szer.).


Perfect for the surfer after swimming, swimming and even at home. You can use them as a towel, insulation or as your portable changing room.

What makes them different is that it is made of 70% bamboo, which makes it so fluffy and warm.

Carefully selected fabrics are skin-friendly and absorb water well. Importantly, our bamboo poncho dries 3 times faster than ordinary cotton ponchos.

If you don’t want to freeze after a windy surf session, surfers cotton poncho is the perfect product for you!

Other designs and sizes available.


Additional information

Weight1.3 kg
Dimensions103 × 80 cm


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