Discover our offer of surf clothes for all the kitesurfers out there! Here you’ll find kids’, women’s and men’s collection of ponchos for surfers at affordable prices. If you want to change on the beach in comfortable way with our hooded towels, let us introduce you to these amazing ponchos made of natural materials. Get dry and change from your swimming/surfing clothes in easy way, or warm up in a windy day or wear it as an additional coating when you don’t feel particularly warm. Our products are made from natural, high quality cotton thanks to which you can be sure that you spend your money on something reliable and safe. And if you’ve always thought that ponchos like that are reserved for children, think again. It’s a great way to comfortably change into dry clothes. These lightweight, fast absorbing ponchos are great alternatives to regular towels. Here you’ll get ponchos made from cotton and from bamboo, they’re 100% natural, thus safe and harmless for your skin. They’re fluffy, warm, pleasant on skin. It’s a portable, comfortable changing room!

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