Pocket Kites

What’s one of the best gadgets for kitesurfing-lovers? Pocket Kites! It’s a miniature 3D kite keychain that perfectly captures the resemblance to real-life kite with licensed print on it thanks to which you can bring your favorite kite design with you. So if you’re looking for something truly original as a gift for a kitesurfer or something to accessorize your handbag or a backpack, it’s right here waiting for you! Just choose the design you like. What’s even better, you can match a kite keychain to our kiteboard counterpart. Our Pocket Kites keychains are made of steel, handcrafted with use of high quality materials owing to which these keychains are sturdy and flexible. Additionally, they’re tiny so they will easily fit your bag, purse or even a pocket, and though they’re 3D to look like actual kites, they’re bendable enough not to break even in the small spaces.
Concerned about the environment? Don’t worry, we’ll deliver your order in an eco-friendly package!

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